Jan 12, 2010


What do you get in “Avatar”? You get bits of Brian Aldiss’ Hothouse (The Long Afternoon of Earth), bits of Ursula K.Le Guinn’s The Word for World Is Forest and bits of Starship Troopers in a nice package with little or no imagination expected from you. Mixed with 3D, CGI and 100% made in USA action, some even see references to “Dancing with the Wolves”, “Matrix”, “Terminator”, “Alien”, “Star Wars”, “Star Trek”, “Robin Hood” and even “2001 – A space Odyssey”. What else can you want more? Maybe some popcorn.

By the way, which of the avatars do you think is the best: the cool japanese one, or the "da ba dee da ba di" one?

If you don’t "see" the story, you can still have fun: amazing floating mountains, technology of the 22nd century or even try to catch a glimpse at Neytiri’s breasts. If you want more, wait the DVD release.

In conclusion - good 3 hours entertainment for the price of four beers :)

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  1. An IMAX experience (where is available) should be much more interesting...