Apr 24, 2009


This is a recommendation I got from a friend. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Ching. For the people who wants a book check this out http://www.amazon.com/I-Ching-Book-Changes/dp/069109750X The book is more fascinated because it is one of the oldest book in the world. It is a book of wisdom and a way to predict the future. It is Ying and Yang, black and white female and male. You can try also http://download.cnet.com/I-Ching-Dream-Teller/3000-2135_4-10658606.html ;) Enjoy it !


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  2. I Ching is the Book of Changes. The great chinesse wisdom teaches us that a great evil carries the seed of good and everything is changing all the time.
    It is also a book of hope and it always reminds us to keep a correct attitude because problems cannot last forever.
    Try it! You don't have to believe in it in order to be effective :)

  3. The Way that can be told of is not an unvarying way;
    The names that can be named are not unvarying names.
    It was from the Nameless that Heaven and Earth sprang;
    The named is but the mother that rears the ten thousand creatures, each after its kind.

    Tao Te Ching

  4. wai, shi fashiti voi aishea, wai?
    shi vorbiti in dodii? nu ma mananca nica wai, mananc io un harbuz.

  5. @cristi: Are you speaking Gibberish?

  6. coco coco coco.

    rada, rada?

  7. When beauty is abstracted
    Then ugliness has been implied;
    When good is abstracted
    Then evil has been implied.

  8. and when god is abstracted, satan is implied?

    My true master?

    He is real?

  9. Muahahaaaaaaaaaaa.... >:))

  10. You master will be defeated:


  11. According to Taoism, nothing can be considered as pure evil in the world.
    What is called evil, is the result of a lack of balance between the two opposing principles.
    Evil belongs to nature and humans must seek to live in harmony with nature.
    Even in Christianism Satan is not the counterpart of God - he is a fallen angel and not the origin of all evil on the world.
    So it is your choice to consider evil an adversary or a consequence of your own ignorance of the ways of nature.

    Meditate on this, you will, young Skywalker!